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  • 学术活动

    信工学院学术讲座:Protecting Outsourced Medical and Genetic Data

    来源:科技处     点击次数:      字号:【        

        人:Gouenou Coatrieux教授

          间:2017 1124日下午13:30

          点: 信息工程学院二层小会议室

    位: 首都师范大学信息工程学院


    Gouenou Coatrieux received the Ph.D. degree in signal processing and telecommunication from the University of Rennes I, Rennes, France, in collaboration with the Institut Mines Telecom, Telecom Paris-Tech, Paris, France, in 2002. His Ph.D. focused on watermarking in medical imaging.

    He is currently an Full Professor in the Information and Image Processing Department, Institut Mines-Telecom, Telecom Bretagne, Brest, France, and his research is conducted in the Laboratoire de Traitement de l’Information Médicale, Unité INSERM U1101, Brest. His primary research interests include medical information system security, watermarking (images and database), digital content forensics, secure processing of outsourced data.

    He is the head of the Joint Laboratory on Security and Processing of Externalized Medical Image Data. Pr. Coatrieux is actually associate editor of the IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics and of the Elsevier journal. He has been associate editor of the Elsevier journals Digital Signal Processing. He is also member of the IFMBE “Global Citizen Safety and Security Working Group”, of the European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI) "Security, Safety and Ethics (SSE) Working Group", and has contributed to the Technical Committee of “Information Technology for Health (IT4H)” of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.



    Advances in information and communication technologies provide new means to share medical data and genetic data as well. But, if practices ranging from patient cares to big health data studies take advantage of such an evolution, this facility to handle data also compromises their security. In this lecture, we will focus on the security of medical data. It will first come back on the general needs for medical data protection, before recalling the general principles of the deployment of a security policy. The specificity of genetic data will be considered. This lecture will also introduce some of the most recent security mechanisms such as homomorphic encryption which allows securely processing outsourced genetics data in the cloud, and watermarking that provide traceability means making possible the identification of the user at the origins of an information leak.